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6 Fun Ways to Exercise High Energy Dogs


Our dogs help keep us fit and healthy and act as a source of motivation that forces us to get out the door and burn some calories. All dogs require exercise, the amount of which varies with the size, age and breed of our pups but some breeds are a different game. You get back home after a round of walking in the park, and there you have it, your dog ready for another session. You may get puzzled; some owners even consider it a negative trait as excess energy if not appropriately expanded may cause behavioral issues. Such dogs are high-energy breeds that require a bit more effort from the dog-parents which means you will have to think of creative ways for your dog to burn energy.

What are these Hyper-active Dog Breeds?

Breeds such as Boxers, Retrievers, Beagles, Collie, Dalmatian, Greyhounds etc. have higher energy due to an accelerated metabolism. These dogs are usually part of working breeds and when kept as pets require proper training. You need to devise a strategy to effectively manage your dog’s energy to ensure you have a healthy and happy pooch. Here are 6 fun ideas for dog-parents to utilize your furry companion’s energy 

Exercise High Energy Dogs

Agility Training

Agility is a unique sport that involves dog and parent coordination. It involves directing your dog through various obstacles in a course such as tunnels, tire-jumps, weave tables etc. It is a fun way to give your dog a mental as well as physical workout. Although it is difficult to train a dog to run through an agility course it can be a great way to teach obedience to your dog. It will aid in strengthening your dog’s muscles, increase endurance, and improve coordination.


Are you looking for a fun activity for your water-loving pooch? Well, dock-diving is a great option. The sport involves dogs leaping into a portable pool from a dock and the dog with the longest jump is awarded the winner. You and your dog can participate in distance jumping competitions and experience the fun of working together as a team; it will also be an excellent opportunity for the two of you to bond. If your pooch isn’t a fan of the water then start practicing in a lake or pool with fun games. Also for dogs that are learning to swim, you can get a life jacket or any other floatation device to make them comfortable in the water. 


Another sport suitable for dogs with plenty of energy is biking. You may be concerned whether it is safe for your dog or not, but as long as you know that your dog has the stamina to run by your side as you bike this is a feasible option. It will require proper training so you don’t want to risk any injuries to your dog. You will also have to invest in essentials such as purchasing a non-tangling lead which attaches to a body harness on the dog, a reflective vest, and blinking lights. 

Puzzle Toys

These will not provide physical workout to your dog rather act as a source of mental stimulation, which is equally important for hyperactive dogs. Puzzle toys include a variety of toys that include an opening for treats or kibble and your dog has to get the treats out by solving the puzzle and utilizing their scavenging skills. You can either buy ones from the store or to make it more interesting create these yourself so your pup always has a new challenge to solve. 

Play Energetic Games such as Fetch

Apart from regular walks, you may also consider playing energetic games with your dog such as fetch. It is best to play these games in an open space such as dog parks, so your pup has all the more area to run and burn energy. It is also essential to let your pooch play with other dogs and socialize but make sure you train your dog properly before you begin socializing to make sure he doesn’t hit other dogs. 

Hiking with Dog

Hiking is a healthy form of exercise where you can witness the beautiful views and feel the fresh air along with your dog. It is important to remember that hiking is different from the regular walking since you will be climbing up the trail, so your dog needs to be given a bit of training. You will also have to look for a few pet-friendly trails, pack up the essentials and drive off, make sure you and your dog have a fantastic time. 

Since you will be exercising your high-energy dogs, it is also essential to care for their nutrition. Make sure you give your energetic pooch a well-balanced diet with all required nutrients. Focus on keeping your pup hydrated through out especially since it’s the summers and your dog may be at the risk of overheating if the temperatures soar up. If your dog does show signs of discomfort during any activity, immediately stop and let him rest, consult the veterinarian if you aren't sure of your furry companion's well-being. 


Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.

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6 Fun Ways to Exercise High Energy Dogs


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