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Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended


One of the great joys of owning a dog is absolutely watching them play with their toys. There are so many reasons why playtime is important for your dog. And apparently, a dog just always fall in love with toys, especially pit bulls.

Fortunately, there are a lot of toys available for dogs in the market; but for your pit bull which is an aggressive chewer, these toys might not be very useful. There are special toys that have been designed for these large breeds and these toys are made from a strong material that is not prone to damage while your dog is playing it.

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls

So for my article today, I will be sharing with you the best dog toys for pit bulls that you can buy as the perfect gift for your furry friend. If you want to know what products made it to my list, then please keep on reading below.

How To Choose The Perfect Toy For Your Pit Bull

But before we get through the list, let us first take a look at the safety factors that you need to consider so we will only choose nothing but the perfect toy for our four-legged friend.

  • 1
    Since pit bulls are aggressive in nature, they tend to diver their aggression on their toys, making them capable of ripping up any toy without any difficulty. Unfortunately, he might swallow large pieces of the material which can become a choking hazard or intestinal blockage. So we have to make sure that we will only be giving them a toy that is made from a durable material such as rubber.
  • 2
    Dogs just love to chew, it is an essential and natural activity for them. It is the best way to keep their teeth healthy and at the same time gives stimulation to their gums and exercise of the jaws. So make sure that your choice of chew toys don't have any sharp or jagged edges that can pierce through their lip or gum, or else this will result in an infection. 
  • 3
    Don’t buy them toys that are too small in size too. Small toys can easily be ingested by your pit bull and might result to choking hazard.
  • 4
    Some of the dog toys, especially those edible chews, will eventually become cracked and can quickly develop jagged edges. This can be very harmful to your dog as they can cut your dog's gums and lips. It can even possibly get stuck in his intestines, stomach or windpipe. 

My Top Choice of Dog Toys For Pit Bulls

Best Pick #1: KONG Extreme Dog Toy

I was always on the lookout for the dog toys with the highest quality, safest and really durable for pit bulls to play around with. Luckily, I found KONG Extreme Dog Toy which definitely meets all of this criteria. KONG is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to dog toys. Their products have been made to survive long hours of play time and chewing.

They absolutely named this dog toy “extreme” for a reason! Compared to most other dog toys, this product lasts longer with strong dogs. It is actually made from a very tough black rubber compound that is durable enough to withstand a dog’s 320 lb. bite force. This dog toy is definitely one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers like your pit bull.

But what impressed me the most is that this product allows you to be creative enough as you can stuff this toy with some delicious KONG treats or other treats your dog loves like kibble, raw vegetables, frozen yogurt and peanut butter. In this way, you can keep your pit bull occupied for hours and what’s even great is that it can be easily cleaned afterward, isn't this just the best combination? 

It can also help your dog entertained for a little while and minimize separation anxiety whenever you are away. Take note that a dog can experience separation anxiety within just 25 minutes after leaving him alone. So it is highly recommended that you train your pup while he is still young!

This toy also comes in different sizes, so make sure you choose the right one for your pit bull.

What We Like

  • Helps with chewing
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • It instills positive behavior
  • It can accommodate treats too
What We Don't Like

  • The size is a little bigger that it may not be suitable for smaller canine companions

Next on my list is the Nylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone which has been specially designed for large dog breeds weighing up to 50 pounds. 

This turkey leg-lookalike toy, which has been branded as a “monster toy”, is much bigger than the average toy and also comes with Nylabone’s well-known durability; you will never have any issues at all when it comes to how long this toy will last. 

It is made from hardy nylon which your huge dog will never be able to permeate and at the same time soft enough to keep your dogs occupied and discourages destructive chewing and digging behaviors by satisfying their natural urge to chew. This toy also comes in a few different flavors (Chicken, Turkey, and Knot) and for some added benefit, it comes with raised bristles that will contribute to your dog’s dental health. 

Overall, I can say that this is an amazing chew toy for huge, powerful chewer. It is one of the few toys that can give much satisfaction to bigger breeds. 

What We Like

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Durable enough to withstand countless bites and chews
  • There bristles on the toy raise to promote good dental hygiene
What We Don't Like

  • This product is somewhat heavy, so expect little thumps and bangs here and there every time your pit bull drops it on the floor.

Is your pit bull always picky about his chew toys? Then here’s the ultimate solution for you! This Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy contains real flavor like chicken, bacon or peanut that I’m sure your little friend will never be able to resist. Your dog will not only have a fun day of chewing a wishbone-shaped toy, but they will also get the taste of real food while doing it! Isn’t this a real dog heaven?

This is also a very durable toy since it is manufactured with strong nylon and has been designed for dogs under 70 pounds. Its design, on the other hand, is also perfect for any dog as the ends are very easy to grip with paws while the other end of the bone is perfect for a long chewing session. There are also deep grooves on the toy to make sure puppies will ease on their bites and they will not put too much pressure on their young teeth.

It's also worth to mention that there are no chemicals used in creating the flavor for the toy so we can be sure the product is safe for your little creature. There will also be no residue after your dog chews on it.

What We Like

  • Contains real chicken, bacon or peanut flavor
  • Comes with appealing texture and taste
  • Dogs can easily hold it inside their mouth
What We Don't Like

  • There’s a chance that your dog might break it into tiny pieces that he can possibly swallow
  • Comes with a foul smell

Does your puppy love bouncy balls? Of course, my list of best dog toys for pit bulls will never be complete without some balls on it. This Canine Hardware Chuckit! Ultra Ball is definitely the best ball for your next game of fetch. This product is the sturdy version of the classic tennis ball.

The ball is made from natural high-bounce rubber so it can bounce really high. You can really be sure that it can give you unlimited hours of fun, but what’s even great is that these bouncing balls will spring back whatever the surface type is. It even works great in the pool since it is made of floatable material and it doesn’t feel soggy after getting soak in the water. This is definitely a great toy in providing your dog the much-needed exercise, which is important to your furry friend's health and well-being. 

Most of all, it will never get lost as you can easily recognize it with its vibrant colors making the ball more visible and keep your dog’s attention to it. It can also be easily cleaned and sanitized so you don't have to worry about those times when the ball will end up in the mud and keeping your dog healthy. 

Canine Hardware Chuckit! Ultra Ball is available in three sizes, so make sure you choose the perfect one for your pit bull.

What We Like

  • Exceptionally tough and chewable
  • Can be thrown easily and it bounces well
  • Can be easily cleaned
What We Don't Like

  • The design comes with a “plug” that could come out and turn out to be potentially hazardous. I recommend that you change them as soon as these start to show signs of wear and tear.

Last but definitely not the least is the Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Monster Bone Dog Chew. This mammoth-sized dog can withstand even the most crushing jaws of your 50-pound dog or even heavier.

It comes in a shape of a bone that ideal for dogs who like to hold bones between their paws while nibbling on the other end for hours. The bone has also been uniquely designed so it will not only be entertaining but will also promote oral health.

And of course, this dog toy has been manufactured using nothing but the safe, non-toxic nylon that all of the Nylabone products are made of, so we can be sure that we are getting a high-quality toy that will last for years. Even if your pit bull will somehow be able to work grooves and dents into this toy's material, you don't have to worry about sharp edges.

Anyway, this toy also comes with the tasty chicken flavor that will attract your dog to chew on the bone rather than any other object from your home. You can now have the peace of mind knowing that you will wake up next morning with your furniture, shoes and other fragile items around your home still intact. 

What We Like

  • It is easy to clean, all it takes is just a simple rinse of water
  • The size is ideal for large and even extra-large dog breeds that got powerful jaws and big teeth
  • Will keep your dog entertained for hours even those that get easily bored
What We Don't Like

  • This is really a huge dog toy. It is actually longer than your regular water bottle while its head is quite wide, so it may not be ideal for small dogs.

Final Thought

Well, there’s no denying that larger breeds like pit bulls are most likely to come with greater chewing power, so it will come as no surprise at all whenever they manage to destroy most of their chew toys in no time all. 

Fortunately, the best dog toys for pit bulls are here to the rescue; especially the KONG Extreme Dog Toy which I can really say is a sure-fire winner in the big dog department. When it comes to heavy duty toys, you can never go wrong with this product from KONG! It is made specifically for aggressive chewers and it can take a beating without breaking up into pieces. In fact, it is recommended by most veterinarians and dog trainers because of its durability. And of course, let’s not forget that this toy will let you stuff it with food so you can keep your dog occupied for a while.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these toys before? Do you have any other recommended dog toys that I should add to the list? Well, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls Reviews 2018: Top 5+ Recommended


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