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Decoding Your Dog (Infographic)


One of the reasons why dogs have secured their place as “man’s best friend” is their ability to communicate with humans. Although unable to speak, they are incredibly expressive, emotionally-literate creatures and have developed many sophisticated ways of “talking” with their human companions. 

However, at the end of the day humans and dogs are entirely different species so it’s inevitable that some of these communications will get lost in translation. While many of us dog-owners like to think that we are skilled at understanding our beloved pets, in many cases we lack the knowledge required to successfully interpret the signals they are attempting to send us. 

One of the main barriers to human-canine understanding is the fact that the “language” our dogs use is entirely non-verbal. However, dogs have a range of options at their disposal including body posture, facial expressions, positioning of the ears and tail and barks. By observing these indicators and learning how to interpret them, dog-owners can get a more precise idea of what our furry friends are trying to tell us. 

So how can we develop a better understanding of canine communication? The first step would be to read this a highly educational infographic from the folks at Greyhounds as Pets about how to “decode your dog.” It offers a handy explainer of the various ways in which dogs communicate and gives tips on how to interpret these to read a range of emotions.  

Check out the below infographic to learn how to decode the different doggie signals to better understand your dog.

Decoding Your Dog (Infographic)


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