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How to Care for a Maine Coon


Raising cats has definitely been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done and one of the most charming cat breed I have adopted is the Maine Coon. Their thick, fluffy coat is simply irresistible to touch and their affectionate personalities (do you know that Maine coon are known as the "Gentle Giant"?) make them the most beloved pet at home. No wonder why they happen to be one of the most sought out breeds out there.

But before you exit this page and start searching what is the Maine Coon cat price for adoption, you need to know that they require good care to keep them healthy and happy. If you want to be Maine Coon guardian like me, then you need to learn first the ways to take care of your cat's grooming, nutrition, and health needs. 

If you want to know the ways, then please keep on reading below. I’ve listed down the most important tips on how to care for a Maine Coon.

Ways On How You Can Take Care of Your Maine Coon

1. Feeding your Maine Coon

For Maine Coon to stay healthy, they require a high-quality cat food. So make sure you ask your veterinarian if your choice of cat food comes in a good quality. You can check out the list of ingredients too. Those cat foods with Taurine are highly recommended since Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats need. If your cat is not getting enough Taurine, as well as the other required nutrients, this may apparently lead to health problems. Avoid those brands that come with excessively fatty ingredients too.

If your Maine Coon is undergoing a special diet that your veterinarian has required, then do your best to only select food that will meet those needs. For instance, if your Maine Coon is overweight, your veterinarian may recommend to only feed him food that is meant for overweight cats.

This is very important especially that most Maine Coons, or even those cats with Maine Coon mix, is quite prone to obesity; this is because they are quite lazy and yet they eat a lot.

2. Provide a lot of fresh, clean water to your Maine Coon

You will often find your Maine Coon playing with their water. This is why it is absolutely necessary to make sure that there is fresh, clean water available at all times. Don’t forget to clean your cat’s water dish every day too before filling it up with clean fresh water.

And remember that cat's don't like eating and drinking near their litter boxes so make sure you place the cat's food and water bowls away from the litter box.

3. Take care of your Maine Coon’s coat

Fortunately, the fur of a Maine Coon is naturally beautiful and healthy. However, if you want to keep that quality, you need to work for it and help your cat flaunt that gorgeous fur they are famous for.

To make sure that your Maine Coon’s coat is being well taken care of, you have to brush it three times a week using a specific brush made for those cats with long hair. If you can do this every day for at least five minutes, the better. Regularly brushing the coat of your Maine Coon will prevent gastric problems since you will be able to get rid of the dead hair and reduce the risk of your cat ingesting it while preening.

4. Bathing your Maine Coon cat

One thing common with most cats is that they hate water, not because they are afraid of it but simply because they simply don’t like how it feels. But Maine Coons are different, they just love water that you will not have any trouble giving them a bath. 

It’s no longer a surprise if you see a Maine Coon swimming in the pool with her human family, especially during summer when they tend to enjoy cooling off and tries to get wet whenever there’s an opportunity. Do you know that Maine Coons are good swimmers too?

Well, just make sure that the water is at an appropriate temperature, which is from 36-degree to 38-degree Celsius. It's also not recommended to bathe them with cat shampoo more than once in a month and a half.

5. Maintain your Maine Coon’s good hygiene

Don’t forget to regularly trim their claws. Start them while they are still young; the more often you trim their claws as a kitten, the easier it will be when they get older. Trimming her claws about once every three weeks will keep her claws from becoming too long.

How to trip your Maine Coon’s claw?

  • Trim the white tips only and make sure you will trim the pink part of her claw further down the claw.
  • Do not use scissors too, you can use a pet nail trimmer

Moreover, you can make it a habit to check their teeth regularly too. If you observe anything that seems out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian. I highly recommend that you schedule your pet for a dental check-up once a year. Just like humans, cats are prone to dental problems too; don’t forget to brush her teeth at least once a day.

Warning! Don't ever use human toothpaste on your cat. Take note that human toothpaste has fluoride on it, which can be toxic to your cat

6. Regularly take your Main Coot to the veterinarian

This is the most important step of taking care of your Maine Coon. Taking her to the veterinarian regularly, in this way you will immediately notice any symptoms of diseases and prevent any problems to occur. 

The veterinarian will diagnose the state of health of your cat as well as administer every necessary vaccine while your role is to keep the schedule of vaccination up to date and make sure that your cat is following a proper diet, as I already mentioned.

Now, how often should you take your cat the veterinarian? Well, a couple of times a year will already be enough. Also, Main Coons grow slowly that in fact, it will take them four years to reach their maximum recommended weight. So if you think your cat has exceeded its recommended weight, take them to the vet as soon as possible to make sure that their health will not be put in danger in a severe way.

Anyway, here are some of the specific health problems that Maine Coons are more prone to:

  • •Hip Dysplasia. This is a type of arthritis that often occurs in the cat’s hips. You know she’s suffering from this condition if she’s having difficulty jumping or walking or when she’s showing signs of pain.
  • •Polycystic Kidney Disease. This disease occurs when cysts start forming in the kidney and will wreck the organ. This condition can only be detected with an ultrasound.
  • •Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This happens when the heart wall gets thick. Ask your veterinarian to regularly perform heart exams, so the condition of your Maine Coon’s heart can be monitored.
  • •Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This is a type of paralysis which often occurs to Maine Coon kittens. Watch out for the signs, observe if your Maine Coon is having difficulty in using his rear legs; if this happens, bring her to the veterinarian immediately.

7. Don’t forget the treats

Don't forget to give your Main Coon some treats, a little reward every now and them would make your gorgeous pet definitely happy. But make sure you will not give her too many treats or he may become obese or overweight.

I suggest you limit the treats to about 5% of her daily intake. There are also treats that can help in cleaning her teeth as she chews, I highly recommend these, this is a good way to maintain your cat’s dental health in addition to regularly brushing her teeth.

8. Make sure to spend some time with your Maine Coon

What makes Maine Coon different from other cats is that they enjoy to company of other people. They are so adorable that you will find them following around the home and happily participating in your day-to-day routine.

So make sure that you accommodate the social needs of your Maine Coon. Spend some time to just sit and pet her within the day. Take note that they are not fond of sitting on laps so just sit her next to while you are petting her.

Final Thought

With all that fluff and adorable personalities, we couldn’t be more willing to take care for our Maine Coon and give them all the pats they could ever desire.

Anyway, I hope my tips on how to care for a Maine Coon will help you raising this gorgeous pet. How about you? Do you have experience living with a Maine Coon? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.


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