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How to Make Your Cat Love You More


Just like other people, cats also need someone that can give them care and love in order to live a considerably happy life as a pet. Pets such as cats will surely give back the love you gave them when you took care of them properly.

Here are different things that you can do to make your cat like and love you.

Know How to Understand Your Pet Cat

In order for you to establish a good relationship between you and your cat, it is always important for you to understand them just like making friends with humans. There are times that we should cling with them, but there are also times that we should let them do something on their own. There should always be a balance in everything to make sure that there no conflicts on what is too much and what is not.

Here are some tips that you should know to help you better understand your cat.

  • Do not be like other pet owners who think cats are the same with dogs because cats are completely different from dogs.
  • Cats have a solitary nature which means they are not like dogs who will always love to stay right closely beside you. Cats will still love to stick on you on many occasions but not all the time because they prefer doing some of their errands on their own.
  • Please understand that it was very natural for cats to hide on their owners sometime. Don’t get it wrong when they do it on you sometime, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love or like you.
  • Cats are not all the same, they have different likes and dislikes. Be a pet owner that can embrace their different personalities.

Avoid Hurting Your Cat

Do not hurt your pet cat emotionally or physically. Whatever they did, hurting them will not be the solution.

If you yell at cats they always tend to run away because they can sense that you are angry. Avoid shouting and even landing a strike to your cat, hurting them will surely make them distrust you.

Do not try also to punish your cat by sprinkling water in them, our feline friends are afraid of water and using it to them will make your pet frightened from you.

Know Your cat’s Likes and Dislikes

Just like us, cats tend to love some things among others. It is very important to know the things that are good and bad for your pet cat.

For example, find out your cat’s favorite food so that you can have it as their reward whenever they did something good. Giving your cat treats can be really helpful because your pet will surely prefer doing good things rather than mischief, wherein, they can’t gain any treats.

Here are some common things that are good and bad for your pet cat.

  • Do not let your cat drink milk, especially cow’s milk. Milk is not good in your pet’s digestive system. Cats have lactose intolerance which means they are not able to digest milk properly.
  • Feeding raw foods like raw eggs and raw meat can be harmful to them.
  • The best treats for your cat can be a piece of cooked chicken or small fish flakes from tuna or salmon.

Know How to Communicate with Your Pet Cat

Cats can’t talk like humans, cats tend to communicate with us by means of showing body language. It is very important to know the meaning of their body languages for us to know what they want us to know right away.

Know The Body Language of Your Cat

Cats use different body languages to express their feelings to their owners. As an owner, it is better to know what their body languages mean because there should be a good understanding of any kind of relationship even between a man and a cat.

Here are some postures that cats often show us, memorize it and be sure to get your cat’s thoughts next time.

  • A cat wants to play along with you if they are nudging beside you.
  • A cat shows his contentment by making his tail curl around.
  • A cat is feeling anxious whenever its tail is tucked between or below its legs.
  • A cat is frightened or scared when he made an arched back, upward hairs in the spine and a roar like sounds.
  • A cat wants you to cling over and pet him when he is approaching you with his tail pointing while curling by a little bit on the tip.

Know the Meaning of the Sounds They Create

Aside from the different body languages of cats, they also produce sounds which means something that we should know. They often do sound to attract attention, especially from their owners.

Here are some things that you know when you hear your cat make a sound.

  • When you hear your cat meow, it means he was communicating with you because cats do not meow when communicating with other cats.
  • When you hear your cat meows a lot, it means that he is feeling something unusual which usually means that there is something painful or ill in them.
  • When you hear your cat hiss and growl, it means he wants you or something to go away.

Avoid Making Eye Contact with Your Pet Cat

Having eye contact with cats are offensive for them, they often feel threatened when you make prolonged eye contact with them. When you notice your cat blink at you, please try to do the same towards them. Blinking slowly will mean that you are communicating with them. It means a lot for cats when their owners blinked at them back. It was like showing and giving them affection which they really want.

Know How to Properly Take Care of Your Pet Cat

Show your love for your cat by simply taking care of him properly and this will surely make your cat love you back. Your cat will surely appreciate everything good you do for him; in exchange, he will love you back genuinely.

Here are some things that you need to do in order to show affection, love, and care to your pet cat.

  • Make your cat safe and away from danger all the time – be sure to protect your cat from any possible danger and provide him all comfort that you can.
  • Make your cat on time – always feed your cat on schedule with the right amount of food. Feed them in a usual schedule and do not let them eat feeds that are harmful to them like milk.
  • Make your cat clean – always clean the litter boxes of your cat to keep him clean. Wash it with soap and water thoroughly.
  • Make your cat enjoy – play with your cat often whenever they feel like cuddling with you. Get him some toys wherein he can pounce and act like hunting a pray.

All these tips are necessary for you to follow if you really want your cat to love you back and to be a good cat owner. Here is another thing that you should consider doing, get your cat a present as simple as making him a DIY cat bandana. Just follow the simple steps below to make a bandana suitable for your pet cat.

DIY Bandana for Your Pet Cat

Making an easily made bandana for your cat will be really awesome. Just remember not to put the bandana on your pet cat when he seems to be irritated with it. There can be times that he would love to wear it, but there can be times that he would hate to wear it.


  • 1 yard of cloth or fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Cat Collar
  • Temporary pen 
  • Piece of paper
  • Ruler


  • 1
    Get half of the measurement of your pet’s collar and then mark it on the fold of the paper. Use the ruler in drawing a diagonal line across your mark and the fold, there should be a triangle that will be formed. Cut the triangle and open the paper cut out.
  • 2
    Place the triangle pattern in your selected cloth or fabric and then cut 2 triangles from the fabric.
  • 3
    Place both the right sides of the triangle together. Stitch them with a little allowance at the top edge. Fold the stitched fabric open and press.
  • 4
    Stitch the patterned fabric with your cat’s collar for wearing purposes. Be sure to stitch it well and carefully. Have an allowance on the fabric so that the collar will be neatly covered.
  • 5
    Once done with stitching, prepare the collar and let your pet cat enjoy his new bandana themed collar.


If you wanted someone to love you back, you should also be able to give that love to them. It does not matter if you are establishing a relationship with a man or with a cat, as long as your affection towards them is genuine. Cats are very loyal to their owners just like dogs, and I am certain that they deserve love and care from their owners which is also a responsibility for them. Pets are not to be considered as animals, they must be considered as part of a family.


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