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How to Train A Cat to Use a Toilet?


Toilet training is one of the most frustrating things a pet owner has to do, especially if they own a cat. Cats like to do their own business without being told and this bodes true when it comes to using their litter box. Some may carry some litter on the floor once they are finished, smudging bacteria and other viruses on the places they walk into. Others may just do their thing everywhere and leave it be for the owner to discover. Many cat grooming company offers good quality services to help your cat in good shape.

Sadly, if we find their litter too late, it can cause a lot of dangerous accidents that you could have avoided in the first place.

If you want to reduce the accidents caused by your cat’s toilet habits, you can train them to use your bathroom toilet as their toilet.

How can you do this? Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to train your cats to use a toilet:

What Will You Need?

  • Bathroom where your cat can do their toilet business
  • Cat training seat (Litter Kwitter or make one yourself)
  • Litter box

Step 1: Pick the bathroom for your cat’s toilet training

In order to begin your cat’s toilet training, you must pick the bathroom in the house that your cat can easily go into. To reinforce the idea that your cat should do their business in the bathroom, you can put their litter box beside the toilet.

Step 2: Get the Supplies Necessary for Training

Toilet training a cat is not easy; but there are toilet training seats available for cats. These training seats can be placed on the rim of your toilet and they have a small indent in the center where litter is located. As your cat gets used to the idea of using the toilet, you can cut larger holes on the toilet seat until the cat gets used to the idea of doing their business straight into the toilet. Some known brands of cat toilet training seats are City Kitty Cat Toilet Training Kit and Litter Kwitter.

If your toilet has a different size, you can make your own training tray by using an aluminum roasting pan and some plastic wrap.

Step 3: Start Training by Using Your Cat’s Litter Box

For your cat to get used to using the toilet, you can first do this by putting their litter box on the toilet seat. Your cat would eventually jump to the toilet seat and do their business. Leave the litter box on the toilet seat for a few days so your cat can become comfortable to the idea of using the toilet.

Step 4: Replace the Box with the Training Seat

When you notice that your cat is used to the height and doing their business in the toilet, you can now replace the litter box with the training seat you bought or created. If you bought one, you should use the smallest training pan first and put flushable litter on it. Let your cat get used to the idea of using the training tray and when they managed to do their business without accidents, replace the tray with a larger training seat to make the hole larger. You can also reduce the litter you are using to reinforce toilet use.

Step 5: Remove Training Seat

After your cat gets used to the larger training seat (Which can last about two weeks), you can remove the training seat. At this point in time, you will notice that your cat is now comfortable in using the toilet directly and not visit their litter box for their business.

Before you train your cat to do their business in the toilet, it is important that you consider the following:

  • Determine if your cat is perfect for toilet training. Not all cats would take toilet training well, especially if they are shy, skittish and if they are too young. Adult cats are more open to toilet training since they are already used to their litter box.
  • You should also ask yourself if you can stick to your cat’s toilet training because you need to monitor your cat’s progress and introduce the idea to them every day. If you miss a training date or if you are actually unorganized yourself, your cat may fall back to their old habits.
  • Ask your vet if it is ok to toilet train your cat. Many experts are against toilet training for cats because it disrupts their natural instincts and cause injuries if they cannot manage to balance on the toilet rim. If you do not have the space outdoors or indoors where your cat can do their business in peace, your vet can recommend tips to help your pet out.
  • check
    If your cat does not like to do a specific step in the training, try stepping back one step and check if your pet will change its habits. If not, you can train them to use a litter box or just do their business outdoors.
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    You should also have cleaning supplies on standby because toilet training can be a nasty business especially in the first few days.
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    The toilet you selected for your cat should always stay open because if someone somehow closes the lid by accident, your cat would just do their business in their litter box or in a place they randomly selected.


Teaching a cat to use to the toilet is a long process that requires patience on the part of the owner since cats will take a while before they are comfortable to the idea of doing their business in a new place. By slowly introducing the idea by letting your cat study their new toilet, your cat would slowly be open to the idea and register their new toilet spot. To help your cat be better in anything you want them done you may ask help for your veterinarian or cat grooming professionals like Likeable Pets

Do you have your own cat toilet training tips you like to share or have other questions about our topic? Share it with us through our comments section below and let’s discuss it together!


  1. Great site! thanks for all the good info! I love cats and have always wanted to train mine to use the toilet. One of these days I’ll have to try…


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